Who is the Next Hit Punk Band?

Punk rock is a genre of music that developed in the the 1970′s. Short songs, with hard-edged instrumentation are characteristic of this type of music. Punk rock enjoyed its greatest popularity during the late 1980′s and early 90′s. After the 1990′s, the popularity of this genre began to die down. Many people have said that punk rock is dead, but it has been making a comeback in the recent years. Two bands that are becoming very popular among rock fans are Arson Anthem and The Black Pacific.

Arson Anthem is a band from New Orleans that formed in 2006. They released their self-titled EP in the February of 2008. Their first studio album was released in October of 2010. Arson Anthem has only been known to the public for three years, but they have already gained a loyal fan base. There first studio album entitled “Insane Notoriety” was also named the number 7 album of the year.

The Black Pacific is also in the running to become the next hit punk band. They were formed in Huntington Beach, California in 2010. They released their first self-titled album the same year and are currently working on their second album, which is expected to be released later on this year. The band has endured some challenges including a line-up change, but they have still enjoyed modest success and have the potential to become very big.

Even though the popularity of punk rock died down during the 2000′s, there are still many people today who enjoy listening to it. The reason that punk rock will always have a fan base is because it is a genre of music that many people can relate to. Arson Anthem and The Black Pacific are among the growing number of bands that are trying to become the next hit punk band.