Island Sounds New Hot Reggea Bands

January 17, 2012 - 12:00 am Comments Off

Reggae originated in Jamaica. It gave birth to ska. Ska and punk combined to give birth to the ska punk musical genre. Traditional ska has not died. Reggae has not died either. The best new bands for both bands still come from an island in the Atlantic. The island was once an English colony. The inhabitants of the island still speak English. The reader probably knows that the island being referred to is Jamaica. Jamaica is noted for its Caribbean climate and its tourist industry. It also produced Bob Marley, one of the best known reggae singers.

Reggae has experienced a revival in recent years. It has not gained favor in the pop arena, but there are a number of bands coming out of the island that are producing hot new sounds. The music is bright, brassy and happy. It does not have the swing rhythms favored by many of the ska punk bands. It has lyrics that are considerably more violent than the lyrics favored by the American ska punk bands. If a person likes reggae, he needs to pay attention to the new bands that are coming from the islands. If he does not like the sound, he can safely remain ignorant of the new bands from Jamaica.

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