Hot Summer Nights With Hot Summer Tunes

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Summer is a great time to discover new music. After all, what better time than summer to go on a road trip and listen to some great tunes, or sit out by the pool accompanied by close friends and amazing music? Discovering new music during the summer is a great way to set your own soundtrack. Months and years down the road, when you hear your favorite summer songs, you will immediately be taken back to some of the great memories from this past summer. Of course, discovering new artists and songs Read the rest of this entry »

Island Sounds New Hot Reggea Bands

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Reggae originated in Jamaica. It gave birth to ska. Ska and punk combined to give birth to the ska punk musical genre. Traditional ska has not died. Reggae has not died either. The best new bands for both bands still come from an island in the Atlantic. The island was once an English colony. The inhabitants of the island still speak English. The reader probably knows that the island being referred to is Jamaica. Jamaica is noted for its Caribbean climate and its tourist industry. It also Read the rest of this entry »

Hot New Band: True Window

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If you haven’t heard about this group you may need to get a new wireless internet card or service because they are all over the web!

Formed in 2007 around D.H., Nikki and Slim, True Window has taken the music world by storm since their initial inception.

Often described as being equivalent to walking down a farm-to-market road on a foggy morning just before day breaks, their unique blend of aural surrealism and emotional ballads create a haze of both melancholy and intrigue in the mind of the listeners.

After a few gigs featuring some incredible performances it became official and on November 2010 it was announced that True Window had signed to the New York-based Kemado Records.

What does this mean for the band? Will their music suffer for the difference? Members of the blossoming, co-ed trio shout “absolutely not.” Their ballads will continue to be just as haunting, just as eerie, just as beautiful and maybe twice as surreal, and, as a bonus, even more people will get the chance to know True Window.

Newest Chart Topping Bands and Their Members

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When searching for the newest chart topping country bands, one can’t help but notice these three. Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry and the Zac Brown Band are all spectacular bands, with three distinct sounds, and all feature some amazing talent.

Lady Antebellum consists of two lead singers, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley, along with Dave Haywood. They create harmony that’s amazing to hear, and rare for a band who’s members are not related. Hillary and Charles share co-lead vocals. Their self titled debut album went double platinum, and sophomore album “Need You Now” is a triple platinum seller.

Formed Read the rest of this entry »

New and Rockin’ Heavy Metal Bands

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If you’re tired of the drivel that continues top pollute the radio airwaves are are seeking out the latest and greatest new Heavy Metal bands, look no further. Check out our reviews, bios, and articles and you just might discover a new band, sure to knock your socks off. Whether it’s Black Metal, Death Metal, or even Doom Metal, our site has everything you will ever need to keep you headbanging for years to come.

Whether you are a diehard thrasher or Read the rest of this entry »

New Bands on the Country Music Scene

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These girls are new comers to the country scene, but within the past year have had their fair share of performances. A dynamic duo known as the JaneDear Girls have won a spot in many country music fans’ hearts as the new sweethearts of country music. They have opened for big names, such as Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean, and have been seen at many local shows throughout the country. Their hit single, “Wildflower”, is not only catchy but can fill the room with energy and a lot of dancing. Another fan favorite is their song “Shotgun Girl”, which is Read the rest of this entry »

Best and Hottest New Rock Bands

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Getting to the top isn’t easy, but these bands have managed to get their collective foot in the door of more than a few radio stations and rock magazines. The list:

Vetiver, The Errant Charm – Headed by Andy Cabic, whose vocals, when coupled with keyboards and drums, creates a sounds that gives birth to the love child of The Velvet Underground and Grand Funk Railroad. Check out “Can’t You Tell” and “Ride, Ride, Ride.”

Iceage, New Brigade – One of the more intense bands out there, this debut album brings Read the rest of this entry »

What’s Hot and What’s Not in New Jazz Sounds

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Jazz is a constantly evolving musical style. It is fair to say that no genre of music has adapted and changed over the last 80 years like jazz has. From Dixieland all the way up to fusion the gap of styles within jazz is vast and expansive. This is probably because the musicians are so talented and creative. where is jazz headed in the future? Well, one place you can always look to predict what jazz will be doing is to look at the Read the rest of this entry »